December Inclusion Barnet newsletter

Screenshot of December Inclusion Barnet newsletter with logo at top ('I' in blue and 'B' in yellow with words 'Inclusion Barnet' in black text next to it. Title December 2023 newsletter underneath. Followed by logo for UK Disability History Month (Black triangle with yellow circle in centre). Test at bottom reads 'Your monthly update on Inclusion Barnet services plus community events and news affecting Disabled people including with mental health issues and long-term conditions.


The December 2023 Inclusion Barnet newsletter, by and for disabled people, is out!

Bringing you news on our services, community events, and issues affecting disabled people in Barnet and further afield.

Highlights in this issue include:

  • UK Disability History Month is here
  • Benefits Advice temporary closure extended
  • User Voice update
  • Get to know us: our Member Development Officer
  • Latest campaigns and consultations
  • Plus much more!

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