Meet our team

Inclusion Barnet relies on the hard work of our passionate, talented staff, trustees and volunteers.

Team members

Photo of Caroline, smiling white female expression, long dark blonde straight hair, patterned shirt, aged between 40 to 50. Photo accompanies blog on CEO thoughts on sanctions.

Caroline Collier (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Lizzie, white female, aged 35-40, short brown hair, brown eyes, smiling

Lizzie Hendricks (she/her)

Executive Assistant to CEO

Image shows white female aged between 30-35 with shoulder length straight red hair, a patterned top and a big smile.

Emma Friddin

Operations & Data Lead

Photo of Patricia, smiling white female, short cropped grey hair, dark sun glasses, blue t-shirt, aged between 45 to 55

Patricia Salem


Photo of Keely, who has fair skin and red curly hair, and wears glasses, smiling

Keely Parnaby

Head of Peer Services

Photo of Kate, smiling white female expression, dark red hair but in sharp bob with high sharp fringe red lipstick, aged between 25-35.

Kate Toon (she/her)

Touchpoint Service Manager

Dark blue graphic silhouette against a brick wall.

Nicole H

Touchpoint Service Administrator

Image of Laura smiling, white, aged between 30-40, blonde/dark hair tied back.

Laura I

VCSE Alliance Manager and Senior Touchpoint Worker

Photo of Colette, white female 40-45, mid length brown hair, smiling.

Colette Gallagher (she/her)

Touchpoint Peer Worker

mixed-race, female, 35-40, long-curly highlighted hair

Nina Kazmi (she/her)

Touchpoint Peer Worker

Photo of Claire, white female, aged between 40-50,. long brown hair, smiling.

Claire Fisher (she/her)

Head of Communications and Engagement

Photo of Edward. White male. Age 25-30. Short brown hair with a small fringe swept to left. Looking into camera with a hint of a smile.

Edward Phoenix (he/him)

User Voice Project Lead

A white man with short curly brown hair in his 20's smiling

Charlie Hall (he/him)

Peer Communications Coordinator

White woman with long wavy blonde hair and round glasses, wearing a dark hoodie and gilet. She is standing in front of a brick wall in the sunshine and smiling.

Jo Weston (she/her)

Peer Copywriter

Photo of Ed

Ed Peston (he/him)

Communications Assistant

Photo of Sarah, white female, age 40-50, long dark hair, brown eyes, smiling.

Sarah Campbell (she/her)

Healthwatch Manager

white female, aged 19-25, medium length blonde highlighted hair, left side nose piercing and smiling.

Poppy Ingles-Oxley (she/her)

Peer Communications Officer, Healthwatch

Photo of Judi Dumont-Barter. Black female aged between 35-45, flat with long hair wearing a skull cap headscarf, silver pendant earrings and grey t-shirt.

Judi Dumont-Barter (she/her)

Healthy Heart Peer Co-ordinator

Photo of Salna , Black female aged 45-55, tall , wearing head squire with orange, blue and brown colours, a top with African pattern- white, orange and black colours.

Salna Abdallah

Healthy Heart Peer Worker

Photo of Riffat, a 45-55 year old female of South Asian background, hair showing flashes of wisdom, smiling!

Riffat Ahmed

Healthy Heart Peer Worker

Liba, brown skinned male in his 30s, Sri Lankan Tamil with short black hair, smiling, closely shaved

Liba Ravindran (he/they)

Community Organisation Support Manager

Photo of Ashanty, black female, aged 25-35, short black hair tied back, brown eyes, subtle makeup, smiling

Ashanty Alves (she/her)

Project Officer, Community Organisation Support

Photo of Sukhjeen, South Asian female, aged 20-25, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, smiling

Sukhjeen Kaur (she/her)

Member Development Officer (Faith groups)

Photo of Patrick, white male, aged 20 - 25, short dark hair, no facial hair, smiling

Patrick Anderson (he/him)

Ukrainian Project Officer

Lizzie Collinson (she/they)

Lizzie Collinson (she/they)

Comms and Admin Officer (Grange Big Local)

Dark blue graphic silhouette against a brick wall.

Natacha Israel

Grange Big Local Project Lead

Photo of SK, white, non-binary, age 40-50. They have short red hair with an undercut.

Sarah-Kye Faulkner

Forensic User Voice Officer

Photo of Jennifer: Light skin toned, female aged between 40-50, light framed glasses, short curly light brown bobbed hair, wearing a blue gilet jacket over a dark blue top.

Jennifer Pearl


Photo of Elsie: Older white lady with tied back grey hair, wearing blue top and thin gold necklace.

Elsie Lyons


Photo of Edward

Edward Cousins


Photo of Sara Nicole, female appearance, long dark brown hair, medium skin tone, aged 20 to 30, big smile.

Sara Nicole Gardner


Head and shoulder photo of James: White male, 35-40 age range, dark blonde hair, light designer stubble and dark rimmed glasses wearing grey t-shirt.

James Evans


Picture of Latha, a woman with olive skin tone, glasses and grey hair

Latha Srinivasan


Photo of Aman, a young woman with long black hair, glasses and darker skin, smiling

Aman Ahluwalia-Hinrichs


Photo of John McCafferty, head and shoulders photo, white male with short dark hair and closely cropped beard and moustache, blue eyes aged between 25 to 35 years.

John McCafferty


Photo of Rebecca, white female, aged 35-45, brown hair in a ponytail, smiling

Rebecca Sare (she/her)

Director, Inclusion Unlimited

Photo of Michael, white male with glasses and grey hair

Michael Hillman

Director, Inclusion Unlimited

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