Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI is central to our work 

At Inclusion Barnet our values on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) run through everything we do. From our recruitment procedures to our day-to-day interactions, EDI is at the heart of our vision.

There are many factors which influence whether people experience fair treatment or not. Although we are an organisation focused on supporting D/deaf and Disabled people, there is often an intersection between disability and other marginalities, such as poverty or being part of the Global Majority.

This is why we strive for a society where disabled people live free from barriers, stigma and poverty. To make this happen, it is essential to look beyond the barriers relating to disability alone.

We remain open to learning and change. So, our EDI policy is not a rigid statement but a constant work-in-progress. As we continue to identify and tackle the barriers faced by our customers and partners, we also strive to address EDI issues that arise within our own work.

Our CEO’s view 

“Why we promote ‘belonging’ 

As a Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation (DDPO) we experience and witness issues around EDI every day. Most of our staff and board members have lived experience of disability, making us ideally placed to identify ‘othering’ of disabled people and to challenge the barriers this creates. Our understanding also makes us more determined to create a sense of belonging for the people we work with.  

EDI is at the heart of our actions 

Our values on EDI really are at the heart of what we do. It’s crucial to us that our policies around equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded throughout our work. We provide peer support, raise awareness of the barriers disabled people face with user-led projects, empower disabled people to achieve their potential, and support communities to focus on inclusion. Our strategic objectives all address aspects of inequality and we continually reassess our activity to ensure EDI remains at the heart of it. 

It’s a work-in-progress 

I’m not saying we’ve got it all in place yet or that we’re getting everything right. We’re always looking to improve on how and what we do, so that our work continues to address the needs of the people we support. As a DDPO, our vision is a society where disabled people can live free from barriers and as we work hard to pursue this goal, we’ll keep checking that we’re heading in the right direction.

Caroline Collier, CEO of Inclusion Barnet. 


Our equality, diversity and inclusion values can be divided into three sections: our people, our services, and our aspirations. Click on each of the tiles below to find out more about how we work and why EDI plays a central role within this.

Our people

How we support our staff with accessibility and inclusion

Our services

How we’re making our services fair and equitable for all our customers

Our aspirations

Read about our equality, diversity and inclusion goals at Inclusion Barnet

Living Wage Employer logo

Inclusion Barnet has paid employees above the Government Living Wage for several years. So, in July 2022, we made it official, and became an accredited Living Wage employer.

Read more about what this means and our commitment on our About Us page

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