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June Inclusion Barnet newsletter

Inclusion Barnet's monthly newsletter, by and for disabled people. Bringing...

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Neurodivergence: Being Seen blog

In the second of our blog series 'Being Seen', Neurodivergent...

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Barnet Voice for Mental...

Take a closer look at the top picks from our...

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Inclusion and Accessibility Resources

Find out all about how you can be a better ally to disabled people by browsing through our handy resources about inclusion and accessibility

Inclusion and Accessibility

Cost of Living Support 👇

If you're struggling to pay the bills, @BarnetCouncil has a dedicated web page on cost of living support. It covers advice, funds and support which may be available to you.

#CostOfLivingSupport #BarnetBorough

We believe that disabled people should be included in decisions that affect us

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Next Tuesday 18th June is the first of several deadlines for the #GeneralElection.

Follow the links below to make sure you can vote, have the right format for you & have accepted photo ID.

Speaking to a wheelchair user yesterday, she said that, due to the absence of pavement accessibility, she is usually forced into the road and takes her life into her hands. Come to our hustings on June 27th and ask candidates what they will be doing about accessible environments.

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