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Take a closer look at the top picks from our Mental Health newsletter this week:

This week’s highlights (all FREE):

Activities and events:

  • Current vacancies at Inclusion Barnet
  • Remote work and mental health – webinar
  • Stress and mental health in the workplace – webinar
  • Laughing Fit – a weekly online laughter class for health & happiness
  • Meditation For entrepreneurs – online event
  • Preventing work related stress and burnout – interactive webinar
  • Music To remember – online event
  • Smile with chronic illness! Mid-morning session – online peer support drop in
  • Poetry therapy – online


  • Practice positive thinking to support mental health (from KXLO Radio)
  • Navigating social anxiety in children on Raising Me podcast (from WGME)


  • How helping other prisoners helped me free myself
  • Doing something new is good for you
  • One good thing: how creating a vision board can help you focus in on your goals
  • A psychologist explains the appeal of ‘pet parenting’ for child-free couples

Plus regular events, support groups and activities!

Our weekly mental health newsletter is peer written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston. Ed draws from his own lived experience of mental health to curate a wide range of FREE supportive information, events and activities in the borough and on-line. Remember to sign up to get it straight to your email inbox next time.

Download: Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 1 April 2024

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