Who We Are

We are a Peer-Led Charity and Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation (DDPO).

Our office is based in Barnet, North West London. Nearly all of our charity trustees and staff have lived experience of disability, including mental health issues and/or long-term health conditions.

Every day, disabled people everywhere overcome barriers to participating in society and accessing many things that non-disabled people take for granted. We believe that these experiences give us a deep understanding of how society can be made more equal and inclusive.

We believe that learning to use our lived experience for social change is a skill. We have become experts in harnessing the lived experience of our staff, members, volunteers and people who use our services to design and deliver higher quality, more person-centred services. We believe that this benefits both disabled people and society more widely. We also work to support other organisations to do the same. Our work is very much influenced by the Social Model of Disability, the Survivors Movement and Trauma-Informed approaches and Independent Living principles.

Our Vision

We are working towards creating a world in which disabled people, including those with mental health difficulties and long-term conditions, are valued for the important contributions they make to society, and in which their lived experience is seen as the source of strength, expertise and innovation that it is.

Our Aims

We are passionate about social change. We strive to be led by the following aims:

Peer-Led Thought Leadership

To use our lived experience in innovative ways that produce new ideas. We mix this with leading thoughtfully on implementing these ideas to improve the quality of services. We do this by influencing others through research led by disabled people and by working with other organisations to design better services through our consultancy work.

Peer Support

We believe support which comes from a place of shared experience and understanding can be life-changing. Therefore, all of our staff use their lived experience to inform their work.

User Voice

To use our lived experience to raise awareness and educate society about the barriers faced by disabled people and how we can work together to remove those barriers.

Empowerment and Rights

To use our lived experience to empower and enable disabled people to achieve their potential. We also fight to gain funding to provide services that disabled people should have access to and are entitled to receive

Community Development

To harness the unique strength and skills gained from our lived experience to make our workplaces, communities and world a more inclusive place to be.

Meet Our Team

Inclusion Barnet relies on the hard work of our passionate, talented staff, trustees and volunteers with lived experience of disability.

Meet our Team

Our Values

The way that we run our organisation and services is important to us.

We want to make sure that everyone who comes into contact with Inclusion Barnet has a positive experience. We work hard to build our values into every part of our work.

At Inclusion Barnet we:

  • provide person-centred services;
  • aim to always be welcoming and inclusive;
  • learn from our achievements and from our mistakes;
  • produce and use evidence-based approaches;
  • work together to remove the barriers experienced by disabled people in society.