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Community Organisation Support is a membership that helps to provide community groups with access to training and funding, as well as partnership opportunities and bespoke support for enhancing services. 

We are part of Barnet Together, a partnership established in 2018 between Inclusion Barnet, Young Barnet Foundation, and Volunteering Barnet with support from London Borough of Barnet. Each organisation brings to this partnership their experience, knowledge and understanding of working in the borough to support different communities.

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Our Vision

The Barnet Together vision flows from our belief that a strong and thriving voluntary sector can make a real and lasting impact within the local community, and that partnership working is key to this success. The voluntary sector is the conduit for responsive, targeted, local activity which enhances wellbeing, unlocks citizen contributions through volunteering, and contributes to a strong and thriving sense of place. We understand that individual organisations in the sector cannot have all the answers, but by working in partnership, we can be agents of change and achieve this vision together.

What we offer

As part of the Barnet Together partnership, we provide free capacity building support to the borough’s Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector. Together we offer high quality training, volunteering support and provide vital resources and advice to Barnet’s community organisations. We unite local people, charities and businesses to grow and strengthen local partnerships, enabling our borough to innovate and thrive. Inclusion Barnet provides support to groups working with adults across different thematic areas; Young Barnet Foundation provides support to children and young people’s sector groups; and Volunteering Barnet supports local groups that work with volunteers.

Here’s a list of some of our Free Community Organisation Support Membership benefits:

  • One-to-one support sessions
  • Grant funding advice and support
  • Collaboration Partnership development
  • Marketing support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Governance support
  • Organisational support
  • Increasing profile opportunities
Full member benefits here

Member Criteria

Who can become a Community Organisation Support member:


Our membership is open to:

  • Voluntary, community, faith or social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations
    based in Barnet.
  • National charities that provide support or deliver services in Barnet.

If you are an individual looking to start a not-for-profit organisation in Barnet you might also be eligible for membership providing you can demonstrate that:

  • You have had one or more people participating in your work to date.
  • Your work with the local community is already having a social impact.
  • You are working with adults.
  • You have a constitution or working document explaining who you are
    and what you do.

What we ask of members

If you are an already established organisation and wish to become a member,
you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Having clear and transparent charitable/social objectives.
  • Having an annual turnover of less than 5 million.
  • Planning to run your operations for longer than two months.
  • Offering or planning to deliver regular opportunities, activities, or
    services for adults in Barnet.
  • Being open to collaborate with other members to contribute to Barnet Together’s community vision which is to enhance the lives of all those
    living in Barnet.
  • Working towards effective governance and approved quality standards.
  • Being aligned with the values and aims of the Barnet Voluntary Sector Manifesto.
  • Being willing to embrace Barnet Together’s ethos of making the sector
    more inclusive, and diverse and advocating for the social model of
    disability through collaboration and co-production.
  • Being willing to engage with and contribute to sector development,
    including helping us to build a picture of delivery and capacity across the
  • Being prepared to contribute your feedback at sector meetings and via
    our satisfaction surveys to help us improve the service.
What we do not accept
  • CIC LTD by shares –  We do not accept CIC Ltd by Shares. They are same as an ordinary ltd company, however, for example, if there’s 20k left in the bank and taxes are paid, the director can take that as a dividend. We accept CIC LTD by guarantee because there’s no shareholding. Please note that in exceptional circumstances, you are able to make a CIC Ltd by shares org a member if they have incorrectly registered for the wrong CIC. You can help guide them to change to a CIC Ltd by guarantee.
  • Children Young people and Families- Groups that work with predominantly Children, Young people (0-25) and Families. Please refer them to Young Barnet Foundation, whose membership focuses on supporting these groups.
  • We do not accept any profit making businesses/commercial enterprises.
  • We do not support any organisations who group are actively promoting or encouraging violence, harm and oppression.

How we use your data

All the data you share with us as part of the registration process and throughout your membership will be stored safely and used to help us understand better our reach and impact. Collecting data about the local voluntary sector is key to ensure that we can continue to improve our membership offer and also evidence the need for this support service to exist.

Work with Children and Young People

If your organisation supports children and young people, please join Young Barnet Foundation. For anything else, join us.

Barnet Together logo

*For organisations working with children, young people and families contact the Young Barnet Foundation.
*For anything to do with Volunteering, contact Volunteering Barnet.

Barnet Together Funders

The Barnet Together Alliance is funded by Barnet Council. 

Thank you to the London Borough of Barnet for their continued support.

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