Staff blog: Inspirational Quotes and Mental Health

Image reads: Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

by Ed Peston, Communications Assistant at Inclusion Barnet I was looking at an article containing 40 inspirational mental health quotes which I promoted in a previous issue of the Barnet Voice for Mental Health newsletter, and was struck with how much just reading these quotes made me feel better and got me out of a […]

Staff blog: Nature sounds and mental health

photo of a duck like bird.

The latest staff blog from our Comms Assistant, Ed Peston, on drawing from nature to help manage mental health. There has recently been some research and publicity about the benefits to our mental health of listening to nature sounds.  For examples of what has been written, see the following:- I decided to […]

Stress and anxiety, the past, the present and the future

decorative image

The latest staff blog from our Comms Assistant, Ed Peston, speaking so eloquently from lived experience. With it being stress awareness month, I thought I would write a bit about what I have learnt about stress and anxiety over the years, with it having been a part of my life, or in the background, at […]

Staff Blog: International Women’s Day: The sexism that disables many women in the chronic illness community

International Women's Day 2022#BreakTheBias

by Sam Earle In honour of this year’s International Women’s Day’s theme, #BreakTheBias, I am going to explore a particular kind of bias that affects disabled women: having one’s experiences dismissed by medical professionals. One of the most common forms of sexist discrimination that I face, as a woman, is not being taken seriously, being […]

Staff blog: The importance of sharing lived experience

Photo of a sign that says "What's your story?"

by Sam Earle, Project Officer, Equivox  As disabled people,  we know that our specific conditions continually shape our lives in myriad, subtle ways. The effects of disability on our everyday lived experience are too numerous to count, and this is why the bits that we choose to reveal to others are really just the tip […]

Staff blog: Mental Health at Christmas

Image reads: Breathe

by Ed Peston, Communications Assistant, Inclusion Barnet Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, but it can be a difficult time of year for those of us that are struggling for one reason or another, whether it be with mental health, physical health, general life circumstances, or all three, particularly if you are isolated. Since the […]

Staff blog: World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2021

by Hannah Chamberlain, Enablement Lead, Inclusion Barnet World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October, and for 2021 we will be highlighting “mental health in an unequal world”. The relationship between unequal access to advantage and mental ill health is complex. Social disadvantage and mental ill health chase each other in a vicious circle. […]

Inclusion Barnet Libraries – blog about our extended opening times

Image of curved book shelves filled with books.

Unbelievably, it’s been fifteen months since we were last able to have members of the public wander around our libraries, free to look at and choose books for themselves.  We’ve been running a ‘Select & Collect’ takeaway service in the meantime, which has become extraordinarily successful and a lifeline for many people hungry for a […]

Judi Joins the Barnet Together Team

Photo of Judi Dumont-Barter. Black female aged between 35-45, flat with long hair wearing a skull cap headscarf, silver pendant earrings and grey t-shirt.

Inclusion Barnet, through Barnet Together, provides infrastructure support, information, training and representation to and for Barnet’s voluntary, community and faith organisations, primarily to those working in the Adults sector, and this last is an area IB are looking to grow in the coming months and my new role as VCFS Representation Lead will play a […]

Job Opportunity with The Good Neighbour Scheme

The Good Neighbour Scheme logo

Part-time Manager Required This post is for 20hrs per week at £15 per hour This small, locally-based charity (CIO Registered Number 1192433) is seeking an enthusiastic, organised and dedicated individual to lead it into the next phase of its existence. The charity currently has approximately 80 volunteers, over 700 clients registered and 5 paid staff. […]

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