Accessible Railway Stations Consultation

Decorative graphic of railway station platform for news post on accessible railway stations consultation.

Share your views on the Government’s Accessible Railway Stations consultation

The government would like your views on how to improve the code of practice for designing accessible railway stations, in their consultation. This is your chance to influence the standards required from anyone making improvements to the structure of railway stations in the future.

Why you should get involved

You only have to look at the response to the proposed railway ticket office closures, and the impact this had on the result, to see what can be achieved when many people contribute to consultations. It is by sharing our invaluable lived experience as disabled people, that we can influence positive and effective change.

Ways to respond to the consultation

You can respond online, via a downloadable response form or by emailing your views to

The deadline for sharing your views is 1 December 2023. 

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