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This week’s highlights (all FREE and online):

  • Removing the stigma around men’s mental health (event)

  • Managing mental health whilst working in fast-paced & busy environments (seminar)

  • Community navigator trial (opportunity)

  • Let’s talk about mental health – Healthy in your own skin (discussion series)

  • I don’t need help: supporting people who can’t see their mental illness (discussion)

  • Boundary IQ: the art of healthy relationships (webinar)

  • How to improve your mental wellbeing as a gig economy worker (webinar)

  • Living Well in Barnet – Age UK (talks)

  • Mental health drop-in sessions (Chipping Barnet Library)


  • On purpose with Jay Shetty

  • The critical importance of shared humanity


  • A deep sense of wonder, a firm grasp on reality: what magicians can teach us about mental health

  • From boys to men: teenagers talk mental health

  • How a healthy workplace can drive positive change in wellness and productivity

  • Think you have SAD? Think again

  • Be kind and give more: Know the benefits of giving for your mental health

Plus regular events, support groups and activities!

Our weekly mental health newsletter is peer written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston. Ed draws from his own lived experience of mental health to curate a wide range of FREE supportive information, events and activities in the borough and on-line. Remember to sign up to get it straight to your email inbox next time.

Download: Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 27 November 2023

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