UK Disability History Month

Black triangle with centre pointing upwards. Yellow circle inside triangle with black text which reads UK Disability History Month

What is UK Disability History Month?

The struggle for disabled people to achieve equality in society is ongoing. It’s why Inclusion Barnet exists. But there have been some positive developments too. UK Disability History Month (UDHM) is a platform to raise awareness of this battle and reflect on what we have learnt, in order to progress.

This year, UDHM takes place 16 November – 16 December.

What is this year’s theme for UDHM?

The theme for 2023 is on the experience of being disabled amongst children and young people. While the focus of our work at Inclusion Barnet is on disabled people aged 18 and above, we are of course all in this together when it comes to rights for disabled people.

At Inclusion Barnet, we work closely with organisations for young people, such as the Young Barnet Foundation as part of the Barnet Together Alliance. The UN estimates that one in every ten children is disabled, illustrating why it’s so crucial that we make every aspect of society accessible to all.

Find out more about UDHM and how you can get involved, on the UK Disability History Month website.

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