Video from Barnet Together...

The Barnet Together Alliance Conference held its first conference at the RAF Museum in Hendon on Monday 3 October 2022.  You can read more about the Barnet Together Alliance Conference here.

Here’s a short video on the Conference featuring some of the 100+ organisations that were there including the Barnet Multi Faith Forum, Inkluder CIC, Center of Excellence and Stonegrove Community Trust.


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And check out the Barnet Together Alliance Conference hashtags:
#BTAConference2022 #BuildingConnections #StrengtheningCommunities

Barnet Together is a partnership comprising of three local organisations, Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet, who together provide support to our VCFSE, that make up Barnet’s diverse and dynamic voluntary sector. The conference was delivered in conjunction with our Alliance partner, Barnet Council.

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