Radiotherapy research: Interviewees needed

Photo of white woman, 40-50 years old, with short blonde hair, flowery top, standing in front of grey backdrop. She is smiling. Photo is of Charlotte Nutting, university research student, conducting project on experiences of radiotherapy for people with learning disabilities who have or have had, cancer.

Callout for disabled people to share experiences of radiotherapy

A university research student is looking for disabled people to interview about their experiences of radiotherapy. They would like to speak to people with Learning Disabilities who have had cancer.

What is the research about?

The project is about Radiotherapy that involves people aged 18 and older who have a Learning Disability and Cancer. Radiotherapy is a treatment that is used to treat cancer. It uses strong x-rays to kill cancer cells.

The easy-read title of the project is: ‘What is Radiotherapy like for people with Learning Disabilities who have cancer, and the family members, paid carers and professionals who support them?

Who is doing this research?

The person carrying out this research is Charlotte Nutting. She is a research student at Sheffield Hallam University in England and La Trobe University in Australia. She is also a registered Learning Disability Nurse and Social Worker.

Who would be interviewed?

Charlotte would like to interview people in England with Learning Disabilities, who have or have had cancer.

Charlotte would also like to interview paid carers, family members and professionals to find out about their experiences supporting people who have Learning Disabilities and cancer with Radiotherapy.

What are the interview questions about?

When interviewing people who have or have had cancer, Charlotte would like to find out:

  •      how they were involved in making decisions about Radiotherapy.
  •      their experiences of Radiotherapy.
  •      how they were supported after Radiotherapy.

What is the aim of the project?

 To find the things that lead to positive Radiotherapy experiences for people with Learning Disabilities, and the people who support them.

How can I find out more?

To find out more, you can:

Information Sheets for Interviews are also on the project webpages and are available in an easy-read format.

How can I ask questions about it?

To find out more and/or ask questions, email Charlotte at or call her on 0114 225 5989.

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