Re: Opening Safely


Re-opening Safely

With the gradual easing of the lockdown since June, you may already be busy planning to get back into your office and starting up your usual services again.

You may at the same time be worried about changing guidelines and be asking yourself what you can and should do.

Here are some quick fundamentals to help you make a start:

You MUST follow Government guidelines

Guidelines have been changing and at times at confusing speed, but make sure you know what they are for your organisation and activities.

You can find some key guidelines here:


For employers and businesses:

For multi-use (community) centres
For places of worship
For children’s and youth services/centres
Reopening Safely – with links to specific venues/organisations


Key things you MUST do to reopen safely in line with guidance:

  1. Carry out a risk assessment
  2. Make sure that your premises/facilities/office are Covid19-secure: you need to think about how people come in and leave, move about, use the toilets, shared spaces, facilities and equipment and how you clean everything
  3. Make sure that social distancing can be maintained
  4. Make sure you adhere to maximum numbers
  5. Ensure everyone who uses your premises and services and works/volunteers for you knows about your measures and how to comply with them.

This includes organisations that may hire space from you – you need to ensure they comply

  1. If you hire space somewhere, make sure you receive a risk assessment and information about Covid19 safety measures and tell your team and users
  2. Think about what you need to do if someone catches Covid19 and how you keep everyone informed

Remember that different activities have different requirements.

And remember that most of all, people need to feel safe – inform them early and fully, consult them and support those who may not be comfortable returning or need extra measures.

Employers that want to reopen their business have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and other people on site.

If you do not carry out a risk assessment, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or your local council can issue an enforcement

Don’t panic – plenty of support is available and you could even get funding to help you put all of this in place:


Risk assessment templates

Keeping safe guidance
Guidance for youth services/centres


An all-round toolkit with templates
A webinar from the Cranfield Trust


As for Funding, there are Grants being made available to support organisations in making their premises Covid19-secure, or for helping with costs associated with increased activity or delivering your services in a different way because of Covid-19.



FREE support is available to help you with your re-opening planning or to discuss any funding needs.

Book a one to one session with Ellen Cheshire, Fundraising and Organisational Development Advisor,

07719 105090

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