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Snapshot of newsletter on mobile phone: headings read: Mental Health & nutrition, how to eat for your mood, THursday 28th April 6.30 to 7.15pm and Understanding Mental Health Workshop. Long term conditions, Tuesday 26 April 12.30 to 3.45pm.

Written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston.


Drawing from his own lived experience of mental health. Ed knows just the sort of information that is useful to include. Every week its packed full of useful information, articles, useful links, advice, free workshops, podcasts and more.


Highlights this week, including all FREE events, activities and seminars:


  • Healthwatch Barnet Long Covid report
  • Mental Health & Nutrition: How to eat for your mood- talk
  • Understanding mental health – workshop
  • Long term conditions – mental health workshop
  • Art workshop – Valarie Amani
  • Legal issues after a relationship ends
  • Barnwood Over 55’s – outdoor skills/nature
  • Breathwork – introductory session
  • Beginners’ pottery course
  • Ready for work programme – CIDORI
  • Pizza on your mind – Grahame Park, Colindale
  • Pod casts, articles, workshops & more


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Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 25th April 2022 issue

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