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screen shot of newsletter shown on mobile phone. Headline article reads Panel Discussion: Intersectionality of Bisexuality and Mental Health, Thursday 7 April, 6.00 - 7.30pm LGBT+ people overall are at significantly higher risk of experiencing common mental health problems than the general population - and within the LGBT+ community, people who identify as bisexual have significantly higher rates than their Lesbian and Gay counterparts. Why is that, and what can we do to change that situation?

Written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston, every week.

Drawing from his own lived experience of mental health. Ed knows just the sort of information that is useful to include. This week its packed full of useful information, articles, useful links, advice, free workshops, podcasts and more.
This week all FREE events, activities and seminars:
  • Inclusion Barnet members meeting
  • Social photography, identity and mental health
  • Sowing seeds and wellbeing conference
  • NeurodiverCITY webinar
  • Panel Discussion: Intersectionality of Bisexuality and Mental Health
  • Stress awareness month
  • Pod casts, articles, workshops & more
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