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In our last blog (link here) we talked about grant funding via government initiatives, trusts and foundations. There have been a number of grants for organisations affected by Covid-19 or that have seen their workload increase or change substantially due to Covid-19. Barnet Together can help community groups and charities navigate the funding opportunities and offer with FREE one to one advice from Ellen Cheshire (the author of this blog) Fundraising and Organisational Development Advisor. You can reach me at ellen@inclusionbarnet.org.uk.

One of the most exciting (and therefore highly competitive) grants announced recently is the Lloyds Bank Foundation’s COVID Recovery Fund.

Lloyds Bank have launched a fantastic opportunity for charities to help them through a period of uncertainty, change and growth (yes, sorry it’s only for registered charities). It would be great if Barnet charities were amongst the 140 to be awarded a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 alongside a Development Partner for the first year.

The unrestricted grant can be used for rent, salaries, building your reserves etc. in essence – whatever you need at this time to ensure the long-term sustainability of your charity.

The fund is specifically aimed at small to medium charities that are working in the communities where they are based. Therefore, only registered charities whose income in their last financial year was between £25,000 and £1 million can apply.

The deadline is 5pm on 11 September 2020, and the two-year funding would start from January 2021.

Note: If you have an existing grant with Lloyds Bank Foundation, this grant would have to end by 31 December 2020 for you to be able to apply to this fund.  If you have been turned down by Lloyds Bank Foundation in 2020, then sadly you cannot apply to this one.

Lloyds Bank Foundation have identified 12 ‘Complex Social Issues’ (CSIs) they focus their funding on. You would have to demonstrate that more than half of your charity’s work directly addresses one of these CSIs.

In Barnet they are only looking for charities working with adults age 17+ in the following 8 CSIs:

  1. Addiction and Dependency
  2. Asylum Seekers & Refugees
  3. Care Leavers*
  4. Learning Disabilities
  5. Offending, Prisons or Community Service
  6. Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  7. Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  8. Young Parents*

*If you are working with these two groups of people, you may well be supporting those under 17, and in this instance, it would be OK to apply.

If you are working on one of the other four CSIs announced: Domestic Abuse, Homeless & Vulnerably Housed, Mental Health and Racial Equality, then you would not be eligible for this grant.

What they are looking for are charities that provide targeted, holistic, in-depth, person-centred support to those affected by or living with one of the above CSIs.  They would need to see in your application that you are supporting a person in their journey of change. They are not interested in charities that deal with high-volume short-term advice, however valuable.

But this Fund is much more than just £25,000 per year, Lloyds Bank Foundation will also assign each grant holder with a Development Partner to work with you for the first year. In your application you will need to demonstrate that this development support will be of as much value to your organisation as is the money.

Take a look at the grant site and application form here: https://www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk/). The deadline to apply is 5pm on 11th September 2020.

Barnet Together are here to help all Barnet-based community groups and charities and we can take help you identify funding opportunities and work with you on your applications. Get in touch with our Fundraising and Organisational Development Advisor, Ellen Cheshire at ellen@inclusionbarnet.org.uk to find out more.

07719 105090

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