Journaling for mental health...


Written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston.

I have written about a few strategies in these blogs that have helped to improve my mental health in the hope they may provide others with possible ways of thinking about ways of boosting their own wellbeing.  These have ranged from nature sounds to poetry to inspirational quotes.

Each time I come up with a strategy, I wonder if it will provide long term benefits to me, but generally after not very long I find I need to freshen things up again and try something new.  But recently I found that nothing very much was helping my mood and anxiety levels, and I couldn’t seem to emerge from a difficult period.

So, I decided to try a different approach, based on my past experience. I bought a nice journal and on each line over a period of time I wrote down as many of the strategies and thoughts that have helped me in the past that I could remember. Ideas and memories would come to me at different times of the day, and over the next few weeks the journal built up into many pages of memories.  These could range from writing down things I am grateful for, being in nature, doing something for someone else, remembering that everyone has problems, to reading a favourite book.

I have found that in this journal I have compiled a resource of positivity with entries in it capable of helping me when I feel down or stressed. Different ideas help at different times, depending on current concerns and issues.  And when I write in the journal or read from it, I get a boost just from knowing that I am actively tackling any psychological issues I am facing.

If you feel like giving a wellbeing journal a try, it might be an idea to use an attractive notebook if you can. I have found that doing so helps provide motivation as I like picking it up, writing in it and reading from it.

Hoping you get something out of this idea in the way that I have.





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