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Barnet Together has a clear vision: A better Barnet for all those who live and work in the borough, based on real partnership and active collaboration. One way we will achieve this vision is by bringing the sector together to showcase the already great work undertaken by the sector and promoting new collaboration opportunities.

As such, we would like to bring together those who are involved in the arts, as well as those who represent cultural groups across Barnet, to share best practices, share learnings, discuss challenges and have a place to feed into the wider Barnet strategic group. We know that we must work together to support Barnet’s Cultural Strategy and work in a collaborative and sustainable way to give the best opportunities to Barnet’s diverse and inclusive communities. These events are supported and hosted by The Arts Depot.

There are two events; one online and one in person.
You do not have to attend both.


Click on the event you are interested in attending to book.

Event 1: Arts & Culture Network (In Person) Event – Monday 9th January 2 – 3.30pm – Arts Depot
Event 2: Arts & Culture Network (Online) Event – Monday 9th January 7- 8.30pm – Link for the event will be sent to those who have signed up.

If you want to contribute to the development of the Borough’s Culture strategy, you can apply to join the Barnet Council Culture Strategy Steering Group; they are accepting applications, so please follow this link if you are interested:

Please note the network will support the council’s work in this regard through Barnet Together.

Keep the conversation going on twitter @barnettogether

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Barnet Together is a partnership comprising of three local organisations, Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet, who together provide support to our VCFSE, that make up Barnet’s diverse and dynamic voluntary sector. The conference was delivered in conjunction with our Alliance partner, Barnet Council.

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