Inclusion Barnet funding success

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Inclusion Barnet funding success from the City Bridge Foundation

We are thrilled to announce Inclusion Barnet’s funding success, as we’ve successfully secured a seven-year grant from the City Bridge Foundation’s Anchor Programme.

This grant will play a crucial role in helping us keep core roles within our organisation going strong. This means we can continue work on addressing the ongoing problems that are making life difficult for disabled people and other marginalised groups in Barnet.  

Usually, most of the grants we receive are restricted to specific projects, so organisations like ours can struggle to afford the things we need to support our organisation – the essential things that any organisation needs to have in place to keep it running smoothly such as management and comms support.  

What this means for Inclusion Barnet now 

Having this funding in place ensures we can continue to develop and grow. It enables us to focus on building our organisation infrastructure so that we can continue advocating for meaningful difference in society. One way we already do this is by working to influence changes in national or local policies, which are often referred to as systemic changes. 

Why we were awarded the funding 

The Anchor Programme only provides funding to organisations like ours that support other organisations, often referred to as a second-tier organisation. Through our Barnet Together Partnership, we offer free support and advice to local nonprofit community organisations, on things, such as fundraising, governance, business planning, and communications.  

Secondly, our work focuses on being fair and ensuring equal treatment and we are user led, which matched the goals of the grant. We tackle the underlying issues that lead to inequality and poverty among people who belong to multiple marginalised groups, for example, an individual may be black or brown and disabled. 

Out of the 173 expressions of interest initially submitted, we made it to the shortlist of just 15 organisations  considered for the grant.  

Pride in our achievement 

We can’t emphasise enough how excited and grateful we are for getting this Anchor funding. City Bridge Foundation has been an amazing supporter, and this is a huge achievement for our organisation. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished in getting this grant. 

We’re looking forward to the positive impact this funding will have on our mission to advance equality and inclusion for all disabled people. 

See Inclusion Barnet services and our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages, for more about our work.

Further details on the Anchor Programme is on the City Bridge Foundation website.



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