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This week’s highlights (all FREE and online):

  • Relationships, family and mental health – webinar

  • Supporting people who can’t see their mental illness – seminar

  • Barnet Wellbeing service review questionnaire

  • Understanding eating disorders – webinar

  • Young people’s mental health crisis – workshop

  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships – webinar

  • Zero Suicide Alliance – lunch and learn


  • Unstuck yourself

  • There is life wit mental illness


  • Exercise apps could be a major tool to combat mental health crisis among healthcare workers

  • Facebook might actually benefit mental health, new study suggests

  • Cutting London’s air pollution could ease pressure on mental health services, say researchers

  • Piccadilly Lights: Mental health photographic exhibition goes on show

  • It’s getting hot in here: extreme temperatures and mental health

  • Forget Instagram influencers, Sinead O’Connor showed mental illness as it truly is

Plus regular events, support groups and activities!

Our weekly mental health newsletter is peer written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston. Ed draws from his own lived experience of mental health to curate a wide range of FREE supportive information, events and activities in the borough and on-line. Remember to sign up to get it straight to your email inbox next time.

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