Share views: paid opportunities

Photo of people sitting round a table. Table is covered in digital technology in the form of laptops, phones, earphones and speakers.

Disabled people needed to co-design research project

A university research project is looking for disabled people to share their experiences of using the internet, mobile phones and other digital technologies. This will help them effectively design the project.

What is the research about?

The project is called DIGITVOL: Digital Inclusion of Disabled Individuals in Online and Offline Voluntary Work. It is led by the University of Salford in partnership with other universities and organisations.

It will look at how disabled people’s use of technologies impacts their involvement in voluntary work, employment and wellbeing. The aim is to create guidelines for organisations, which help more disabled people to find voluntary and/or paid work.

What would I need to do?

To take part in DIGITVOL, you would need to attend 4 online meetings between January and September 2024. This would take ten hours in total.

Would I be paid for my time?

If selected, you would receive £200 in cash or vouchers as a gesture of thanks (this would not affect any health or social care support you receive).

How do I get involved?

Find out more or express your interest by emailing Dr. Christine Goodall at Include in your email the details of any communication or access needs you have or information you need in other formats.

What’s the deadline for taking part?

The deadline for expressing your interest is this Friday 12 January 2024.

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