Staff blog: Inspirational Quotes and Mental Health

Image reads: Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

by Ed Peston, Communications Assistant at Inclusion Barnet I was looking at an article containing 40 inspirational mental health quotes which I promoted in a previous issue of the Barnet Voice for Mental Health newsletter, and was struck with how much just reading these quotes made me feel better and got me out of a […]

Staff blog: Nature sounds and mental health

photo of a duck like bird.

The latest staff blog from our Comms Assistant, Ed Peston, on drawing from nature to help manage mental health. There has recently been some research and publicity about the benefits to our mental health of listening to nature sounds.  For examples of what has been written, see the following:- I decided to […]

Do you have a long-term mental health condition? Give an hour to help shape social care and receive £20

We are looking for people to take part in a focus group discussing how social work could be better. Whether you’ve had input from a social worker, or have not but feel that it may have helped, we want to hear your views. The discussion will take place on Wednesday 20th April at 3pm, via […]

Stress and anxiety, the past, the present and the future

decorative image

The latest staff blog from our Comms Assistant, Ed Peston, speaking so eloquently from lived experience. With it being stress awareness month, I thought I would write a bit about what I have learnt about stress and anxiety over the years, with it having been a part of my life, or in the background, at […]

Barnet Voice for Mental Health newsletter

Screenshot of front page reads: Local Update 10 January,Barnet Voice for Mental Health 020 3475 1314 Welcome to our weekly newsletter about mental health services and support available in Barnet and beyond. Also bringing you updates on Inclusion Barnet mental health news. Produced by Ed Peston, Communications Assistant

Download our weekly Mental Health newsletter today! Every Monday our Comms Assistant, Ed Peston, publishes our Barnet Voice for Mental Health (BVMH) newsletter. It’s full of local updates, free courses and workshops, useful articles, pod casts, support groups and online information to help you manage your mental health. You can download today’s copy here: BVMH […]

Festive Opening Hours

Over the festive period we at Inclusion Barnet are taking a short break. We will have a very small number of staff working from Monday 20th to 24th December and the office will be completely closed from Saturday 25th December and will open again on Tuesday 4th January 2022. During this time we’ll be unable […]

Logo competition – Mental Health Recovery Strategy


Barnet Enfield Haringey-Mental Health Trust (BEH-MHT) have been working for the last 4 years with Inclusion Barnet to put person centred care at the heart of what they do. As part of our Enablement project Inclusion Barnet have helped BEH-MHT develop their Recovery Strategy by coproducing it with people who use services. This is the […]

Get Involved – Upcoming User Voice Forums

Five cartoon fists raised in power stance. Text reads 'OUR VOICES ARE STRONGER TOGETHER'
As the weather starts to change and the festive season draws ever-closer, what better time to grab a cup of tea, put on some cosy socks and change the world? At the next Barnet Voice Forum on 25th November we will be looking at the results of our recent survey and gathering input on an [...]

What is lost when Mental Health Services Close?

'Barnet Voice for Mental Health User Voice Forum' logo

Wednesday 12th May – 6.00-7.30pm Join us and share your views on the commissioning and decommissioning of mental health services in Barnet The Barnet Voice Forum is a space for people in Barnet who have lived experience of mental health issues, or care for someone who does, to come together and make a difference. At our […]

Managing the unmanageable… and where to find support

Written by Nick, our Library Manager Over 11 million people in this country tuned in to watch Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this week, and a lot of us will have been watching entirely different things.  For some viewers, this was a vicarious slice of juicy high society gossip, a bonus […]

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