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Screen shot of podcast headings, Amarno Inai and Androulla Harris, promoting young black mens mental health and podcase on Autism spectrum disorder and mental health

Written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston.


Drawing from his own lived experience of mental health. Ed knows just the sort of information that is useful to include. Every week its packed full of useful information, articles, useful links, advice, free workshops, podcasts and more.
This week all FREE events, activities and seminars:
  • Stress, anxiety, the past, present & the future – blog
  • Inclusion Barnet members meeting
  • Compassionate Colleagues, Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Free guided music meditation for women
  • Having supportive conversations
  • Wellbeing arts and crafts group
  • Beginners potter course
  • Stress awareness month – Regain connection, certainty and control
Pod casts, articles, workshops & more
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