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Snapshot of newsletter reads: Supporting Refugees' Mental and Emotional Well-Being in the UK (From Ethical Property), Wednesday 22 June, 2.00 - 3.00pm. A focus on the mental and emotional impact of being forced to seek sanctuary in another country and how refugees can be supported.

Written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston.

Drawing from his own lived experience of mental health. Ed knows just the sort of information that is useful to include. Every week its packed full of useful information, articles, useful links, advice, free workshops, podcasts and more.

Highlights this week, including all FREE events, webinars, activities and seminars:

  • A Guest Blog from Dan Norris on Mental Health and Universal Credit
  • Top tips to reduce your energy costs
  • Hub Connections Returns Face-to-Face (From Community Barnet)
  • Health anxiety and medical conditions (From Anxiety UK)
  • Supporting Refugees’ Mental and Emotional Well-Being in the UK (From Ethical Property)
  • Desperate Remedies: Psychiatry and the mysteries of mental illness (From York Festival of Ideas)
  • Artist Peer Group (From Arts & Health Hub)
  • Ways to nurture healthy young minds (From IVE Bridge)
  • Disability Rights UK campaigning conference
  • Pod casts, articles, workshops & more

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Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 20th June 2022 issue.




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