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Updated 16/6/22

At times like this, it’s heartening to see people coming together to help. Your organisation, and those you are supporting may be keen to help those in the Ukraine, in transit or in the UK. 

If you are a Barnet-based voluntary, community, faith or social enterprise (VCFSE) who is either currently working with Ukrainians in the area, or would like to know more about how you can support them, Inclusion Barnet, as part of our work as Barnet Together, is hosting a regular meeting to discuss this support. If you’d like to join email Debbie Bezalel, Head of Community Services.

As part of the community response to the Ukraine crisis, we are asking our VCFSEs how they can support Ukrainians staying in Barnet. Young Barnet Foundation, as part of the Barnet Together Alliance, is leading on the community response, supported by our colleagues from the Barnet Together partnership and wider Alliance.

Firstly, we are mapping what voluntary sector services could be made available to Ukrainian refugees and secondly, we are asking for expressions of interest for funding to support additional, dedicated services.

1.    What are you currently offering or could you offer from existing services to support Ukrainian Refugees across Barnet? Submit details here

2.    If you would like some financial support to deliver support to Ukrainian refugees across Barnet register your interest here

Please note, funding is limited, and we will not be able to fund every project, especially if there is duplication but we felt it was the fairest way to ensure that all your projects were considered. We are happy to fund amounts of £500-£2,000; larger amounts will be exceptions to the rule and only funded if there is a gap within the local landscape.

We will review on an ongoing basis, the projects/expressions of interest will be discussed with partners at the council and based on need, some projects will be selected to be taken forward. You will be notified either way.

3.     Russian and Ukrainian speakers needed. We desperately need Ukrainian and/or Russian speakers for translation support. If you can help, please email

If you have something else you would like to offer, please also contact us with the details at


National Resources…

The official guidance is to encourage monetary donations rather than goods. Consider donating via the Disasters Emergency Committee which brings together 15 leading UK aid charities, raising funds to quickly and effectively respond to overseas disasters. But if you do have goods to donate best to contact Goods for Good as they have the infrastructure in place to get the right goods to right places. Locally,

Do you want to host an Ukrainian family? Register to Support Homes for Ukraine – Organisations – Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities – Citizen Space

RESET have released a  Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Toolkit for those wishing to welcome through the Homes for Ukraine programme with ideas and ways you can support people who arrive, and this will be followed by further training and support over the coming days. This will be kept up to date as the programme develops further.

London Plus have put together a document on the support being offered to Ukrainians in London, and have set up an Ukraine Response – London VCS WhatsApp group to help coordinate London’s response to the crisis in Ukraine. It is in conjunction with VCS Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP) but it is an open group for the VCS, which includes Ukraine-specific groups and other local and national VCS orgs. The aim is to establish what is needed and coordinate actions in response. Specific requests can be posted here, and relevant organisations can promptly respond where they can help. To join this group, please provide your details here.

And here’s useful blog from the NVCO with an overview of how the VCFSE can help.

Supported by the National Youth Agency (NYA), the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal has set up a central site for youth workers, youth groups and sector organisations with lots of useful resources to better discuss war with children, and supporting refugee and migrant children.  This is just one of the many useful resources aimed at supporting children distressed/confused by the news. The Young Barnet Foundation blog gives more information on these resources and support for children and young people.

The organisation, Unseen, works on modern slavery and has produced accessible guidance on signs to look out for.

Ukrainians Welcome offer support for Ukrainian refugees. Their information is in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The Charity Commission are offering guidance on safeguarding and Ukraine. Visit their website for more information.

More happening in Barnet…

You may also want to keep an eye on Barnet Council’s Ukraine Crisis page.

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Mayor of Barnet has thanked residents, faith and community groups who have already done so much to help those affected and highlighted some of the initiatives currently underway in the borough. Read the Mayor’s full statement that highlights some of Barnet’s assistance to help people who have escaped from Ukraine.

There are a number of organisations in the borough that are supporting existing refugees/asylum seekers ie: New Citizens Gateway and Persian Advice Bureau and they are in need of goods for their existing families in Barnet, as well as volunteer translators.

Published 07/03/22. Last updated 16/6/22. Check back for updates.

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