FREE Community Organising Training...

Are you thinking of starting a new local project or role that could benefit your community? Curious about how to make a change in your community? Have an idea but not sure where to start?

Stonegrove Community Trust in partnership with Our Yard at Clitterhouse Farm introduced the North West London Social Action Hub earlier in the year which offers accredited Community Organising Training to residents. The training will allow residents to become equipped with the skills they need to empower change within their communities building upon what already exists and co-operating with others. The mission is to build and support a resilient and sustainable community of active citizens who take action around their common concerns and overcome injustice.

Community Organisers reach out and listen to people, then connect and motivate them to build their collective power. You will explore the concepts and skills you need to EMPOWER your community to create the changes they want to see. You will examine the different levels of listening you are capable of, and the difference between simply hearing words, and embracing and understanding someone else’s perspective.

You will also learn about:

  • What community organising is
  • Power in communities and why it matters
  • What motivates people to act
  • How to take your next steps in community organising

Thanks to generous funding, they are able to offer three spaces on each of the next two dates EXCLUSIVE to the Barnet VCS Environmental Network at a commitment fee of £10 which will be refunded. Upon completion of the training, you will be able to join the North West London Social Action Hub Facebook network to continue to share the work you do, learn from others and connect with those you have met.


They have two upcoming dates for the training 22nd October and 13th November (9:30- 4:30 with a delicious lunch provided!). If you are interested go to their website for more information and to book the training. Please select the £10 returnable deposit ticket option.

There are also some great case studies to read about the benefits of the training including Beaj’s Story.

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