Heatwave information

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With the hot weather this week set to increase over the weekend and into next week, we have a couple or resources to share with you.   The British Red Cross has produced a Heatwave Checklist  . We have copy typed this up for those of you using screen readers that cannot access .pdf files […]

Eco Show and Tell: How local residents are helping make Barnet more sustainable

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A Guest Blog from Dave McCormick, Creative SenseMaking… With a newly elected council and a Labour manifesto commitment to put sustainability at the heart of everything the council does, the Eco Show and Tell community event held on 22 May in Finchley Central was a great opportunity to see what a variety of local people […]

Understanding the current energy market + top tips to reduce your energy costs

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Whether you are a resident, business, voluntary, community, faith or social enterprise (VCFSE) organisation the current rise in energy prices is a worry.  This guest post by Norman Taylor from Barnet-based HENOC LTD offers an overview of why energy prices have risen, and give us some top tips to help keep costs down. Understanding the current […]

FREE Community Organising Training for Barnet VCS Environmental Network Members

Are you thinking of starting a new local project or role that could benefit your community? Curious about how to make a change in your community? Have an idea but not sure where to start? Stonegrove Community Trust in partnership with Our Yard at Clitterhouse Farm introduced the North West London Social Action Hub earlier […]

Green Doctors service- FREE 1:1 SUPPORT ON ENERGY 

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Guest Blog from Green Doctors… Do you have contact with residents who might have trouble paying for their energy bills? Part of the community charity, Groundwork London, Green Doctors are a team of expert energy advisers who offer consultation over the telephone or arrange for a home visit with residents to help them manage their energy use. The […]

Go Green, understand the energy market and save money, here’s how!

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Guest post by Norman Taylor from Barnet-based HENOC LTD, looking to support Barnet’s VCFS in finding and maintaining cheaper energy costs (Gas and Electricity).   But first, some top energy and money saving tips whether you are working from home or the office. 1. My Mobile, Coffee & Teeth Charging your mobile to 100% and […]

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