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It’s the last Bank holiday for a while. Grab yourself a cuppa and scroll through this weeks highlights to find an activity or article that works for you!
  • Lunchtime online networking

  • MS mental health

  • UK LGBTQ+ unpaid carers online coffee

  • Sing choir for those affected by homelessness

  • Podcasts, articles and more!

  • Plus lots of other interesting podcasts, online support groups and articles to read and learn about mental health conditions and other people’s stories.

Our weekly mental health newsletter is peer written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston. Ed draws from his own lived experience of mental health to curate a wide range of FREE supportive information, events and activities in the borough and on-line. Remember to sign up to get it straight to your email inbox next time.

Download: Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 29th May 2023




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