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This week’s highlights (all FREE and online):

  • New mental health charter launches

  • Mental health needs of LGBTQ+ people & an introduction to energy psychology – online event

  • Managing wellbeing and mental health recovery – workshop

  • Relationships, family, and mental health – webinar

  • The science behind mental illness – webinar

  • How to build a mental health routine – online session

  • How to protect your mental health as a founder – lunch and learn

  • Medication for your mind Saturday group – online


  • TWS Sports Podcast

  • Health Check Podcast: How do mental health apps work?


  • Just 22 minutes moderate exercise a day can offset negative effects of sitting down, study finds

  • Three ways organizations can prioritize managers’ mental health

  • The power of pets: 9 in 10 remote workers say pets improve their mental health

  • SAD: Weatherman Derek Brockway on combating winter sadness

  • Skateboarding film wins plaudits for focus on mental health

Plus regular events, support groups and activities!

Our weekly mental health newsletter is peer written by our Communications Assistant, Ed Peston. Ed draws from his own lived experience of mental health to curate a wide range of FREE supportive information, events and activities in the borough and on-line. Remember to sign up to get it straight to your email inbox next time.

Download: Barnet Voice For Mental Health newsletter 6 November 2023

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