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Thursday 29th October 2020, Barnet London – Barnet Together, partnership between Inclusion BarnetVolunteering Barnet and the Young Barnet Foundation, is calling for community, voluntary and faith groups as well as statutory organisations and businesses operating in the borough of Barnet, to see who’s signed the Manifesto and sign-up go to the Barnet Voluntary Sector Manifesto. 

Caroline Collier, CEO Inclusion Barnet said: We saw organisations across the borough mobilise and work together in response to Covid-19 and we hope that this Manifesto provides a way to ensure that the collaboration and powerful alignment, especially between the voluntary and statutory sectors, continues into the future. This Manifesto outlines the beliefs, intentions and needs essential to community organisations. I’d encourage groups, public sector services and businesses to sign up to the manifesto to demonstrate their commitment to working in a collaborative way to best serve the people of Barnet. 

Developed over several months and with the involvement of 17 community organisations from across Barnet including Barnet Carers and Barnet Multi Faith Forum, the Barnet Voluntary Sector Manifesto is declaration of beliefs, commitments and ambitions for organisations that serve the borough of Barnet. The aim of the Manifesto is to create better understanding and deeper cross-sector collaboration between organisations working within Barnet. By signing up to the Manifesto, groups and service providers agree to adhere to the values within the documentA growing number of organisations, large and small, have signed up to the Barnet Voluntary Manifesto and the Manifesto has the support of London Borough of Barnet Council and its partnersA full list of organisations committed to the principles of the manifesto can be found on the Inclusion Barnet website 

John Hooton, Chief Executive, of Barnet Council, said: “I recognise the amazing strength and contribution that so many people in the voluntary, community and faith sector make in Barnet and we are really committed to the Voluntary Sector Manifesto and building stronger partnerships in the borough in future.” 

Representatives of groups, service providers and businesses can sign up to the Barnet Voluntary Manifesto at the Inclusion Barnet website. Organisations can also learn more about the organisation support offered by Barnet Together and sign up for Barnet Together newsletters detailing funding and training opportunities for groups based in or serving the borough of Barnet.  

About Barnet Together 

A collaboration between Inclusion Barnet, Volunteering Barnet and the Young Barnet Foundation, Barnet Together offers high-quality training, volunteering support and provides vital resources and advice to Barnet’s community organisations. Barnet Together unites local people, charities and businesses to grow and works to strengthen local partnerships so that Barnet may innovate and thrive. Find out more here.   

Barnet Council has been working closely with the Barnet Together partnership, and a task force of charities, faith, voluntary and business groups to support vulnerable residents during the Covid-19 crisis. A network of local support to help our communities remain resilient during the COVID-19 crisis is available on the Community Help Hub. 


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