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Poster reads: 2023 Fundraising Programme. Fortnightly training sessions from January to May to help you make the most of fundraising opportunities. Barnet Together, Inclusion Barnet and Yound Barnet Foundation logos

Our Barnet Together 2023 Fundraising Programme continues bringing you all the expert advice you need to take your fundraising game to the next level in the new year.

Any Barnet-based Voluntary, Community, Faith or Social Enterprise is welcome to join and learn from experienced funders and organisation leaders. These sessions are for Barnet’s VCFSE sector only.

Training sessions will be held fortnightly from through to 10 May 2023, 10am-12pm. There will be a presentations for about one hour (recorded), which is then followed by a Q&A where you can ask the questions you’ve been scratching your head over.

Each session is independent of the others, but by attending them all you will gain the skills and insights into raising money through trusts and foundations, how to diversify your income, and make better connections with funders and supporters.

Take a look at the sessions on offer below and sign up to the ones that look relevant to your organisation – p.s we think that’s all of them!

Fundraising sessions

Raising your Profile: How to best understand and reach your audiences through the right channels delivered by Ellen Chesire

19 April

As part of an effective fundraising campaign, whether you are targeting individuals, business or Trusts and Foundations, you need to create opportunities to share the work of your organisation.

In this session we will discuss what the audiences need to hear, and why – and ways in which you can reach them. We will also offer some overviews of some online tools which can be used to reach these audiences, as well as those that may want to work with you.

This session will be run by Ellen Cheshire, Community Organisation Support Lead at Inclusion Barnet, a Barnet Together partner. She has over 30 years experience in marketing, fundraising and project roles in the arts, media and charity sector.

Book the Raising your Profile session here


Barnet: Local insights and funding opportunities, delivered by Debra Yardley

3 May

This session will be run by Debra Yardley, Fundraising & Partnership Manager at Young Barnet Foundation, a Barnet Together partner. She has previously worked in senior fundraising roles at Capll Limited, Fundraising Initiatives and Norwood.

By joining this session, you will discover: what are the needs and gaps in Barnet? Funders that invest in Barnet’s VCFSEs and how Barnet Together can support you and your organisation.

Book the Barnet Insights session here


Ask us anything!

10 May

In this final session Debra Yardley & Ellen Cheshire will be answering any questions or recapping on any aspect of fundraising.

Book at 20 minute slot, in which we can answer specific questions that you need to know before starting your fundraising journey in 2023.

Book your 20 minute slot in the Ask Us Anything session


If you’ve missed previous sessions, do get in touch as we have recordings we can share

Corporate/Business Sponsorship, delivered by Helen Mann – 25 January

Prospecting and Research: How do you find the right funders for you? delivered by Lucy Stone – 8 February

Writing for Impact, delivered by Lucy Stone – 22 February

Measuring your Impact, delivered by Lucy Stone – 8 March

Budgeting for Fundraising Applications, delivered by Ruth Mulandi – 22 March



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