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In partnership with the London Borough of Barnet, Barnet Together is co-producing a Mental Health Charter for the borough. This is an exciting opportunity to outline our vision for acknowledging and supporting mental health in Barnet, fostering a culture of positive mental well-being. It will also set out our expectations of services operating across the borough.

We will be coproducing the charter between now and the end of June, and there will be a launch event on World Mental Health Day in October (which we hope you will come to!). The Council/partnership will ask organisations across sectors to commit to delivering the charter, and we will monitor progress throughout the year. Working this way, we expect to see lots of positive change!

To ensure that the Charter is co-produced, we want to hear from residents.  As a local organisation working directly with residents… can you help us??

The ask:
Can you bring together a group of residents known to your organisation for a short workshop, or piggyback an existing programme, to gather their feedback on the charter? This could be a dedicated session, or you could carve out some time during a regular group you run.

Our offer to you:

1)  A Workshop Presentation, this is the first draft of the charter to start conversations (because it’s hard to work from a blank piece of paper)
DOWNLOAD – Mental Health Charter Workshop PPT

2)  A coproduction toolkit (workshop ‘How to’ Guide’), which will guide you through what to discuss during the workshop – Workshop
DOWNLOAD – Running a Coproduction Workshop PDF
DOWNLOAD – Running a Coproduction Workshop WORD

3)  We can offer a small amount of money to incentivise attendance / cover small expenses/ room hire/ food etc up to £150


If you would like to get involved, please register your interest, detailing when you plan to deliver and the amount you need to deliver by completing this FORM, and we will be in touch.


Please note: One of the charter steering group members may be able to attend your workshop if you have concerns about facilitating it yourselves or you can have a quick chat about how best to deliver the workshop.


Leading from the Local Authority

Ellie Chesterman

Interim Head of Commissioning: Mental Health and Dementia

London Borough of Barnet & NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board

Email:  /


Leading for Barnet Together Alliance

Caroline Collier

Inclusion Barnet

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