DWP strikes causing assessment...

A busy Job Centre with people waiting outside in coats

To all our Touchpoint customers receiving support or benefits advice…

We want to make you aware of some of the reasons for why things are taking a bit longer than usual at the moment.

There are some DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) strikes happening this month that are likely to cause delays on assessments.

Even though these strikes are not happening in London, any DWP office can carry out assessments so it will still potentially have an impact on us here in Barnet.

DWP strike details:

Four DWP offices will take strike action on certain dates between 9th February and 3rd March 2023 as part of their strategy of targeted action, with the potential of more to come.

The DWP centres striking are:

  • Toxteth Jobcentre
  • Liverpool Duke Street Jobcentre
  • Liverpool City Jobcentre.
  • Liverpool Innovation Park Jobcentre
  • Stockport Contact Centre
  • Bolton Benefit Centre

Keep up to date with latest strike dates:

For the most up to date information about the DWP strikes you can look directly on the Public and commercial services union website:

Public and commercial services union website – latest news

Thank you for your patience with our team members.



JobCentre photo credit to the Centre for Peaceful Solutions, Simon Jones. 

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