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Poster reads: 2023 Fundraising Programme. Fortnightly training sessions from January to May to help you make the most of fundraising opportunities. Barnet Together, Inclusion Barnet and Yound Barnet Foundation logos

Updated 11 May 2023

Our Barnet Together 2023 Fundraising Programme has now come to an end. These sessions brought you the expert advice needed to take your fundraising game to the next level in the new year.

Any Barnet-based Voluntary, Community, Faith or Social Enterprise is welcome to join and learn from experienced funders and organisation leaders. These sessions are for Barnet’s VCFSE sector only.

The Training sessions were held fortnightly with presentations for about one hour and were recorded, if you would like a a recording of any of the sessions (see below) do get in contact.

Each session is independent of the others, but by attending them all you will gain the skills and insights into raising money through trusts and foundations, how to diversify your income, and make better connections with funders and supporters.

Corporate/Business Sponsorship, delivered by Helen Mann – 25 January

Prospecting and Research: How do you find the right funders for you? delivered by Lucy Stone – 8 February

Writing for Impact, delivered by Lucy Stone – 22 February

Measuring your Impact, delivered by Lucy Stone – 8 March

Budgeting for Fundraising Applications, delivered by Ruth Mulandi – 22 March

Barnet: Local insights and funding opportunities, delivered by Debra Yardley – 3 May


If you’ve missed previous sessions, do get in touch as we have recordings we can share



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