Riffat Ahmed

Healthy Heart Peer Engagement Officer

Riffat joined us in May 2022 having previously worked in various sectors over the years. She has always been actively engaged with the community at a personal level, contributing in different community programmes. During her last job as an Outreach Officer, her support of people with medical conditions was referral based, enabling better focus and dedication to people with illnesses that affect their day to day lives. Riffat is keen to bring about positive change through behaviour change and self-efficacy of those who need support.

“I think that my first-hand knowledge of high blood pressure and cardio vascular disease strengthens the belief that I can help others with the same condition in an effective way. Once the understanding develops that the condition can be managed via light exercise, healthy changes in diet, there can be a drastic turn in life style. A clear concept of peer groups accentuates the process.“

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