End of an era for Enablement project

Poster: 4 years of the enablement partnership. Its been quite a journey and here are some of the highlights.

Yesterday saw the completion of our four year partnership project with Barnet, Enfield, Haringey – Mental Health Trust.   The Enablement Partnership was a  programme of work in which Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust secured the services of Inclusion Barnet as a critical friend, offering user focused and person centred consultancy and expertise. […]

PIP Assessment recordings – update

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Did you know that it is completely lawful for you to record your PIP assessment? New guidance issued to health professionals states that providers have the facility to audio record telephone and face-to-face consultations and that this should remove or reduce the need for claimants to record consultations. So, you can ask in advance for […]

Who wants to go to bed at 8pm every day?

Photo of Jennifer: Light skin toned, female aged between 40-50, light framed glasses, short curly light brown bobbed hair, wearing a blue gilet jacket over a dark blue top.

Blog link written by our Co-Chair, Jennifer Pearl Our Co-Chair, Jennifer Pearl, recently wrote a blog for Think Local Act National, a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support. The article is about lack of flexibility in care services for disabled people who need […]

Protest at Government’s decision to deny millions of disabled people financial help to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Poster: When asked what difference an extra £20 per week would make, a respondent said: I wouldn't have to choose between heating or food. #MillionsMissingOut Disability Benefits Consortium.

Today disabled people and allies gathered outside the High Court to protest the Government’s decision to deny millions of disabled people financial help to survive the COVID-19 crisis. ‘They made me feel like disabled people don’t matter’: High Court hears of DWP discrimination against disabled people during COVID-19 Starting today, the High Court is hearing […]

Are care charges fair?

Split image of 4 panes. Black male over 40 with grey beard and glasses. White female over 40 with brown hair and caption: It has been a fight since the day my daughter was born. White male over 40 with greying dark hair and caption: For some people between heating their home and eating. White female over 40 with short curly red hair.

If you don’t think they are, then write to your MP today! We join our friends at Inclusion London in supporting their campaign to Scrap Care Charges. Our CEO has written to our local MP, Matthew Offord to urge him to write to the Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid to abolish social care […]

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