Touchpoint is a ‘listening and linking’ service which supports disabled people in Barnet to access the services and resources they need.

About Touchpoint

When you are living with disability, and are going through a difficult time, it can be very hard to access to the support you need to rebuild yourself and your life.

This is where Touchpoint comes in.


Who we work with:

Touchpoint could be the right service for you if:

  • You feel yourself to be disabled because of a physical impairment, mental health issues, deafness, learning disabilities, and/or long-term conditions, and
  • You live or work in the borough of Barnet, and
  • You are going through a difficult time and are finding it hard to access the support or resources you need to get your life back on track.

If you are already accessing on-going support from Adult Social Care (for example you live in supported housing) or have an NHS Care Coordinator, this won’t be the right service for you. If you’re not sure what type of support you’re receiving, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be very happy to discuss this with you.   

Our expertise:

As disabled people ourselves, we are experts in working with you to understand the barriers that you might face, and in thinking of creative ways that we might work together to overcome these barriers.

The goal of our service is not solve all of the issues that you are facing ourselves, but to work with you on overcoming life’s challenges together, and linking you in with other activities or services that are best placed to help you. The goal of our services is to support you to hold those relationships confidently yourself. 

What we do:

We define ourselves as a “listening and linking” service, this means that if there are issues that you need in depth support with, we don’t provide that support ourselves, but try and find other organisations that have the right expertise to help. We take a person-centred, whole-life approach to working with you which means that we:

  1. Listen to what is going on in your life
  2. Work with you to identify some goals together and put together a step-by-step plan on how we can meet those goals together
  3. Support you to contact and communicate with the right services for your needs, and help you access the support that you need from those services.
  4. Once our work with you has reached its natural end, if you like, we keep you on our database and keep in touch with a phone-call every once in a while to see how things are going.

If this sounds like the right service for you, please call us on 0203 475 1306 or 0203 475 1309 or e-mail

Self-Referral Form

We will use this form to help us decide how Touchpoint can best support you. Please fill it in and send it back to us at – we will reply within five working days.

If you would like some help with filling in the form please contact us at or by calling 0203 475 1306 or 020 437 1309. We’re very happy to try and find a time to complete this form together.

Download self-referral form

Agency Referral Form

If you are a member of staff working with someone that you feel could benefit from our support, please download our agency referral form. 

Please fill it in with as much detail as you can, and send it back to us at – we will reply within five working days.

If you would like some help with filling in the form please contact us at or by calling 0203 475 1306 or 020 437 1309. We’re very happy to answer any question that you may have. 

Download agency referral form

Emergency Support

Help in a crisis

Touchpoint is not an emergency service.

If you feel that there is an immediate risk to yours, or someone else’s safety then please contact 999 or visit your local Accident and Emergency.

Getting help

If there isn’t immediate risk but you feel you need urgent support please consider contacting one of the following organisations.

If you feel you are in experiencing feelings of despair and would like someone to talk to, contact the Samaritans on 116 123 (this is a free number from any phone).

Out of hours mental health support:

Barndoc is an out of hours service for Barnet residents with urgent health needs who need to see a GP before their practice is next open. It can be accessed by calling 111. The service is open as follows:

  • 3pm to 8am on weekdays
  • Friday, 6.30pm to Monday, 8am
  • Public holidays

People transferred to Barndoc can expect a telephone call back from a GP or nurse within the hour. They will provide the following services as appropriate:

Self-care advice

  • Face-to-face consultation with a GP or nurse at the most convenient location (Edgware Community Hospital, Finchley Memorial Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital or The Laurels Healthy Living Centre)
  • Home visit

You may still call your GP Out of Hours telephone number if you are unable to speak with anyone immediately – or alternatively, if you feel your needs constitute an emergency (significant and immediate risk to life), attend your nearest Accident & Emergency Department.

Information on the 111 service can be obtained by clicking here

Touchpoint is funded by the Big Lottery and we are very grateful for their support.

Our Services and Projects

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    Touchpoint provides residents of Barnet with a place to go to get advice and support when things get difficult.

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    Trust Wide Enablement Partnership

    We are proud to be working with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust to help them deliver peer support and coproduction.

  • null

    People’s Choice

    People’s Choice is self-advocacy team run by paid staff who all have Learning Disabilities.

  • null

    Barnet Voice for Mental Health

    Our team of talented volunteers provide peer support for people who are struggling with their mental health.

  • null


    Inclusion Barnet runs two popular local libraries, East Barnet and South Friern, in partnership with Barnet Council.

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    We believe that the work we do as disabled peers is unique, but that research which proves this is scarce. Therefore we do this research ourselves, proving that our approaches are powerful and creating resources to help others do the same.

  • null

    Barnet Giving

    Barnet Giving aims to make local giving and volunteering easy, and to support Barnet’s small community groups and charities in raising the funds they need.

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    Training and Consultancy

    We provide training packages for organisations who want to deliver effective peer support.

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    Community Organisation Support

    We are working with Barnet Council to deliver development support and training to our fantastic Voluntary Sector colleagues in Barnet.