Trust Wide Enablement Partnership

What is the Enablement Partnership?

The Enablement Partnership is a unique collaboration between Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (BEH) and peer-led charity Inclusion Barnet, which began in March 2018. The Enablement Partnership works to design, deliver and evaluate a wealth of projects across BEH under the Enablement ethos.


What is Enablement?

Enablement is an approach to delivering mental health services which focuses on empowering people to take control of their own mental health. Enabling services empower people by:

  • always aiming to do with people rather than to or for people;
  • focusing on what people can do rather than what they cannot do;
  • supporting people to develop skills to help themselves stay well;
  • working with the whole person, not just their diagnosis, including their own support networks.


What do we do?

Peer Work

An important part of the work we do with BEH is supporting the implementation of a Peer workforce. Inclusion Barnet work with the Trust to recruit more Peer Workers to work across the Trust and are also responsible for delivering a 5 day training course to those joining the Trust as peer workers, as well as a ‘preparing for peers’ workshop for the teams to ensure a smooth transition to the workplace and a informed and understanding team.

Read some case studies of BEH peer workers and people who have worked with them:

Peer Worker Case Study 1

Peer Worker Case Study 2

A Person’s Experience of Peer Working Case Study

What are peer workers? Check out our informational video, narrated by some of our BEH peer workers.



Another stream of work we do is supporting the trust with Co-production. Co-production is about involving stakeholders (including people using a service) in its design, delivery and evaluation where everyone’s input will be valued with equal weighting. It is not the same as simply consulting people about decisions. It is about empowering people to shape their own services.

We have created a bespoke toolkit tailored to BEH policies which supports teams or individuals in the process of co-production including the theory, and how to implement in practice. We also continue to deliver co-production training to the Trust and offer consultation to teams and projects wishing to use co-production.

Click here to read about a co-production project the Enablement Partnership facilitated with Barnet CAMHS.


Lived experience in the workforce

Many of the staff working at BEH will have their own experience of mental health challenges. We have been supporting BEH to understand the value of lived experience in all members of staff and support staff with lived experience to use it appropriately in their work. This is about working to reduce stigma surrounding staff with mental health challenges and encouraging a culture shift to viewing lived experience as an asset.

We facilitated the publication of staff stories of lived experience in a 2020 Trust Matters magazine which you can view below.

My Wellbeing Plan is a self-management and recovery tool using principles that support the recovery approach.

The Wellbeing Plan was developed by The Enablement Partnership, Peers and staff from across the organisation. The plan has been based on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

We have also been running a project at BEH to help pilot the use of DIALOG+ as a care planning tool with the hope to roll it out Trust wide. DIALOG+ is a care planning tool that enables the co-production of care plans.

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