Liba Ravindran (he/they)

Community Organisation Support Manager

Liba Ravindran is passionate about all things related to justice, equity and liberation for all species. He is the founder of an intersectional justice network led by BPOC called Anti-Oppression Circle, as well as being a spoken word poet, keen gardener and into spiritual practices of the dharma. Liba’s professional resume consists of working in the education, horticulture, community and disability/care sectors. His key strengths are building interpersonal relationships and connecting people together in grassroots communities.

For the bio you can add: Liba has several people in his life with lived experience of disability including his father, as well as having worked with disabled individuals at Sense TouchBase SouthEast in High Barnet. He has learnt Level 1 BSL and understands the different needs of disabled people due to his activism and campaigning around social justice.

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