What are Safe Places?

Download a Safe Places application form here: Safe Places EASY READ Application Form 

Become a Safe Place for People with Learning Disabilities

We are looking for businesses who would like to help vulnerable adults to feel safe when they are out and about in the community.

The Barnet Safe Place scheme was designed and put in place with ideas from local People with Learning Disabilities. The scheme aims to provide a temporary refuge for vulnerable people who may be lost, frightened or in need of assistance.

How does the scheme work?

If the vulnerable person come here to help, they will ask for help and show a personal card, which displays their name and contact details.

The card will have:

  • The Safe Places Logo
  • The person’s name
  • 2 or 3 named people who can be phoned for that person to have support.
  • Staff will simply be required to reassure the vulnerable person, and call 999 in the case of an emergency, the non-emergency helpline 101 report a hate incident all contact nominated person on a person alive for all other situations

Do staff need to undertake training?

Yes, all Safe Places are given a 2-hour training session that will include:

  • Learning disability awareness
  • Autism awareness
  • Hate crime awareness – with a specific emphasis on disability hate crime
  • Understanding 3rd party reporting centres
  • Safeguarding legislation

All staff that work at your premises need to be aware of the scheme and be willing to support it.

There is no requirement for staff to be DBS checked, as they will not be having substantial and regular unsupervised contact with the vulnerable person.

It is my business suitable for the scheme?

  • Locations used in the scheme needs have more than one person on duty at all times, so that normal businesses can be continued whilst someone is helping a vulnerable person.
  • Locations need to be visible, suitable and safe physical access, not placing vulnerable people in any danger by the nature of the business carried out on the premises.
  • Safe Places throughout the borough currently include local libraries, shops, community centres and other public buildings.

What will happen if we agreed to join?

Your premises will be given a yellow sticker (with the safe Places Logo) to display in the window and a copy of the basic information needed including a sheet with images to assist in communicating with vulnerable people

We will come and see your business monthly to check:

  • that everything is okay
  • if you have any concerns
  • if you have any Hate Crimes for us to log as a Third Party Reporting Centre

Join the Safe Places scheme today!

Download an application form to become a Safe Place here: 

Safe Places Provider Registration Form

Reporting Disability Hate Crime

REPORT a disability hate crime today on the True Vision Website. 

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