Welcome to Inclusion Unlimited

We are creative, effective and passionate disabled people who use our skills, expertise and energy to champion the use of lived experience for ethical social change, better services and more inclusive communities.

About Us

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a difference; our approach is based on over a decade of experience from the masterminds behind the work of Inclusion Barnet, our parent charity, who have been working to creatively to harness the expertise of disabled people to serve communities all over London and beyond.

Our work is evidence-based, and has been informed by our own innovative commitment to learning what works best. We use our own innovative research to ask the right questions, and use this evidence to inform and refine the services that we offer.

We provide bespoke packages which include:

  • Dynamic and effective consultancy services that place your needs front and centre.
  • Interactive, engaging and cutting-edge training
  • Expert facilitation

Our specific expertise lies in harnessing our experience of disability and effective business development expertise in:

  • Co-production: We can help you to design services that are informed directly by, and with the people that use them
  • Lived experience: We are experts in training staff and designing systems that enable organisations to use their experience of vulnerability and recovery to deliver more ethical, person-centred services
  • Peer support: we have tons of experience in training peer support workers in theory and practice, and can design bespoke training packages depending on the needs of your organisation.
  • Developing user-led organisations: Are you a new user-led organisation? Or maybe you’re an existing organisation that wants to change direction or are growing very fast? We have been there and we learned the hard way! We provide expertise and advice on systems and strategic growth.
  • Equality and diversity: Are you worried that you aren’t meeting your responsibilities to disabled people? Or would you like friendly and effective advice on employing more disabled people? We can help with lots of practical advice and can even project manage this process for you.

Our approach to all of this work is very intersectional; we live in an incredibly global city and have a become experts in understanding how different forms of discrimination or life experiences from protected characteristics fit together to shape life chances and experiences. We help organisations to build the principles of these approaches into organisational systems that give you a strategic edge.

We are also interested in innovation and new ways of working, so get in touch if you need a partner who can bring lived experience to a new project – or an area of work we haven’t thought of yet.

Our Team

All of Inclusion Unlimited’s staff and consultants have lived experience of disability related to their area of delivery, which they use to enhance their service.

Rebecca Sare

Delivery is led by our Lead Consultant, Rebecca Sare who also sits on the Board of Directors. Rebecca spent 10 years of her working life managing multimedia global communications campaigns at a number of top London advertising agencies. Her role involved managing client relationships and teams to deliver world class campaigns, as well as acting as a brand development consultant leading communications workshops and training sessions with clients in Europe, China, the US and Russia.

In 2015, after a year of volunteering as a Peer Mentor, Rebecca started down a new career path in the mental health sector. She worked initially for Barnet Council’s mental health enablement service, The Network, as a Keyworker and Enablement Group Facilitator before moving on to work for Barnet Voice for Mental Health as Manager of their advocacy and peer support services.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has received extensive training which has contributed to the relevant skills and knowledge she brings to projects. This training has included effective people management and project delivery, strategic thinking and networking skills, as well as courses in Safeguarding, understanding Autism, Motivational Interviewing, Enablement Principles, and the 2014 Care Act. She is currently finishing an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Board of Directors

Information coming soon!


Co-production disrupts the fundamental ‘top-down’ power structure between the people who use services, and the people who design and deliver these services. Fundamentally, it is ‘a relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support together, recognising that both partners have vital contributions to make in order to improve quality of life for people and communities.’  (New Economics Foundation) Simply put, co-production brings citizens, people who use services and sometimes the wider community together to equally design, deliver, and evaluate a service.

At Inclusion Unlimited, we work with the widely supported definition that true co-production means equal partnership between staff, people using the service and other interested parties at all stages from commissioning, design, development, delivery and evaluation. While this concept is simple, the execution of this work is complex and requires skill and experience to achieve well. There are a range of power-dynamics, language-barriers, access needs and empowerment strategies that need to be considered in order to get this work right; it can sometimes be hard to ‘speak the same language’ as each other, and at Inclusion Unlimited, we are incredible translators.

Successful co-production requires a whole-systems approach, it must be embedded in the very DNA of your strategic approach and cannot work successfully if thought about as only an add-on. From the way that you word an invite to translating feedback into systemic structures; disrupting fundamental power-dynamics is a complex, but hugely rewarding task. The powerful message that people are not passive recipients of services they use, but instead can offer real value and expertise is important one to underpin with fundamentally empowering project management to realise the right goal.

We can provide your organisation with a toolkit to make that happen, as well as training, running the workshops ourselves and project design consultancy to help you create real, positive change.

Using Lived Experience in the Workplace

Our expertise in using lived experience in the workplace can be applied in many different ways. Our expertise ranges, but is encapsulated in the following ways. If you’re interested in how we might be able to work together, please get in touch.

Building Authenticity for Team Wellness

Innovative workplaces are embracing the idea that prioritising the welfare of staff, and promoting workforce authenticity is key to maintaining a healthy, happy and productive staff team.

Harnessing Experiences of Vulnerability and Recovery for Better Services

The effectiveness of providing services in which practitioners can safely reveal a little about themselves, and actively empathise speaks to the wider human need to feel validated, understood and accepted when we are at our most vulnerable. This way of working is the future of public sector service delivery and we are leading the way in helping organisations to implement this approach.

Wellness Planning

Have members of your team started to become unwell, and you’ve not known what to do or how to help? Can you and your staff teams begin to get very overwhelmed and wish you had some individual strategies to help you cope? Our bespoke wellness planning expertise can help staff teams and individuals to think about how to engage in self-care, how to recognise when stress levels are rising, and put self-made plans in place to help stop overwhelm and burnout in its tracks.

Peer Support: Mental Health

Peer support involves using our lived experience of having lived through our own struggles with mental health to walk alongside others on their own recovery journey. Peer support is an art, with some basic principles which underpin it. Read more about it from our very own research here.

Peer support is about building relationships which are based on equality, empowerment and acceptance. Walking with people in their journies at their own pace.

We asked people what peer support meant to them, and some of the answers were: Peer Support…

“…is about healing interactions”
“…means not privileging yourself above the people that you work with, because you have been in their position”
“…is about challenging our own conditioning and the conditioning of the people we work with about what they can achieve and do”
“…about living a rich and fulfilling life, but being supported to do that”
“…about getting people to feel more part of a community”
“…means feeling included, it’s about having people in my circle that just get it”
“…is not a friendship, but a really strong bond”
“…is about truthful interactions”

(Ahluwalia 2018)