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Barnet Spacehive spring 2023 matched funding Crowdfunding opportunity

If you’ve got a project that transforms a space in Barnet or brings Barnet Communities together, the crowdfunding platform Spacehive might be a great option for you.

Depending on the project, Barnet Council may pledge up to 50% to your campaign (up to the maximum of £5,000) . The deadline for this round is Wednesday 12 April 2023, visit the Crowdfund Barnet programme for more information

Spacehive has a team of experts on hand to help you run a great campaign from project support through to verification and fundraising!

Get in touch with Ellen,Community Organisation Support Lead if you’d like to a recording of a recent training session given on this fundraising opportunity with insights from two local organisations that have raised money this way.

Keep the conversation going on twitter @barnettogether

#BarnetTogether #StrongerTogether

Barnet Together is a partnership comprising of three local organisations, Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet, who together provide support to our VCFSE, that make up Barnet’s diverse and dynamic voluntary sector. The conference was delivered in conjunction with our Alliance partner, Barnet Council.

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