Historical projects and testimonials

A summary of historical projects we have worked on in the borough of Barnet, through partnerships, collaborations and campaigns with accompanying testimonials.

The Enablement Partnership

The Enablement Partnership was a four year programme of work in which Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust secured the services of Inclusion Barnet as a critical friend, offering user focused and person centred consultancy and expertise. The Enablement Partnership ran from 2018 – 2022. It saw Inclusion Barnet contributing across multiple workstreams and departments in the Trust to design, deliver and evaluate a wealth of projects across BEH under the Enablement ethos.

What the Partnership did for BEH was to give them a user focused sounding board, a ‘critical friend’ who could input at strategic level as well as deliver on the ground. The Partnership developed over its four year journey into a trusted relationship which continues to benefit both parties even after its end.

Testimonial from Clare Scott, Interim Director of Nursing, BEH-MHT

What is Enablement?

Enablement is an approach to delivering mental health services which focuses on empowering people to take control of their own mental health. Enabling services empower people by:

  • always aiming to do with people rather than to or for people;
  • focusing on what people can do rather than what they cannot do;
  • supporting people to develop skills to help themselves stay well;
  • working with the whole person, not just their diagnosis, including their own support networks.

What did the Enablement Partnership do?

  • Supported the Trust to increase its Peer workforce by 400%
  • Trained and supervised that Peer workforce
  • Supported managers with recruitment, developed Wellbeing at Work system and peer management infrastructure
  • Initiated and delivered coproduction projects.
  • Coproduced the Trust’s first ever Recovery Strategy – a large piece of work involving public focus groups and coproduction with over 250 people accessing services, staff and stakeholders.
  • Maintained a clear image and easy communication of the Enablement principles going forward with the launch of the Recovery Strategy.


“I was very positively impacted by the excellent information that you delivered as well as your personal styles and the experiences that you so generously shared with the team.”

Clinical Psychologist, BEH

“As I said on the training, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity, it has been a really good experience. It helped a lot to be more confident within my role as a Peer Worker.”

Peer worker, BEH

“I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic work on incorporating the recovery principles into the clinical strategy work. Your slides are excellent – clear advice, with many good suggestions. The section on putting the principles into action are also gold dust for our next steps with this work.”

Deborah Dover, Deputy Medical Director

New Report on the impact of lifting Covid-19 restrictions on people with Chronic Illness

Inclusion Barnet’s awareness-raising Instagram campaign, Equivox, conducted a survey among its followers to find out about the impact of removing Covid-19 restrictions on people with Chronic Illness. We asked 18 people 5 questions, exploring the psychological and practical impacts of the pandemic, Covid infection, and the lifting of restrictions. Despite the small sample size, the results painted a stark picture of psychological distress and a sense among this community of having been left behind by society.  The results of the ‘snap-shot’ study indicate a real need for these issues to be studied in more depth.

We also asked people in what ways people could support them during this time, and the suggestions have been turned into posters that can be downloaded and shared for free among employers, businesses, schools and friends and family.

Download the Chronic illness and COVID report in .pdf format

Download the Chronic illness and COVID report as a Word document