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Barnet Community Fund logo: 2022 Main Grant

Barnet Together has awarded £300,000 to the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector (VCFSE)through the Barnet Community Fund Main Grant 2022.

The £300,000 came from Barnet Council’s £150,000 match-fund to Barnet Together’s £150,000 Community Response Fund.

An independent grants panel met in December 2022 to consider how the funding would be allocated. The fund was shared between 40 Barnet VCFSE organisations: each supporting the community in a variety of ways. Projects include: social inclusion, emotional wellbeing, warm spaces initiatives, and particularly, cost of living crisis recovery.

Janet Matthewson, Young Barnet Foundation CEO, part of the Barnet Together partnership says:

“Barnet Community Fund is another great example of partnership working under the Barnet Together Alliance. The fund enabled us to offer grants to community groups so that they can provide vital support to our residents during these challenging times.”

Barnet Together is a partnership established in 2018 between Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet. It supports local VCFSEs with funding, training, resources and advice, and offers a platform for stronger sector representation, voice and connection.

Barnet Together works collaboratively with Barnet local government, in all it’s forms, to ensure that those who live or work in Barnet receive services and support.

Successful applicants included The Stonegrove Community Trust, which received £8,555 to help towards foodbanks, warm spaces, co-working and social space for the local community; Resources for Autism, which received £10,000 to help deliver specialist autistic adult support; and African Refugee Community, which received £10,000 to provide support sessions for refugees.

Gus Alston, CEO of Stonegrove Community Trust says:

“This funding will allow us to stay open for longer hours and provide a better environment for local residents of all ages to work and play, It helps them keep down their home heating costs, whilst also creating new friendships and boosting community cohesion.”

Click here for the full list of successful organisations and how the funds were allocated.

Read Barnet Council’s announcement about additional cost of living funding.

Here’s how the fund will help…

Poster reads: Barnet Community Fund. We received 71 applications at a total of £582, 722. 40 projects were successful. 45% of projects will be delivered on weekdays. Locations include: Barnet, Burnt Iak, Colindale, Edgware and more. 20% of organisations will work in partnership to deliver their project. Projects awarded: opening two warm spaces six days per week, creating a bank of 50 refurbished computers for local people, delivering a 49 week social inclusion foodtball project, delivering specialist groups for autistic adults every week. 137,829 estimated beneficiaries. 7,509 sessions scheduled.


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